What Can You Do About Oily Hair?

What Can You Do About Oily Hair?

It is often said that an excess of anything is bad; people with oily hair won’t agree more. Oily hair looks greasy, limp and flat. Oily hair is a result of an oily scalp which is caused by over active sebaceous glands in the scalp. These glands secrete sebum which in turn makes the hair oily. Oily hair tends to get dirty and sticky faster as it attracts grime, dirt and traps the sweat within the hair. Taking care of oily hair can be a tiresome and challenging task. So what can you do about oily hair? Read on to find out ways to tackle oily hair effectively.

1. Use a mild shampoo for oily hair

A volumizing shampoo with active ingredients such as tea tree oil, chamomile and sage is effective in adding volume to oily and limp hair, while being mild. It soothes the scalp and controls sebum secretion. Use a mild shampoo for cleansing oily hair and avoid shampooing the scalp on a daily basis. Shampoo the hair strands, when required.

2. Don’t condition the scalp

Avoid conditioning the scalp; apply conditioner only to the tips of the hair. Conditioners tend to be heavy on oily hair and give them a limp appearance.

3. Limit combing/brushing your hair

Excessive combing/brushing tends to make the scalp oily. Avoid the same to defer undue oil secretion, which eventually spreads across hair.

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