What Are The Effects Of Caffeine On Your Body?

What Are The Effects Of Caffeine On Your Body?

For many years, the effect of caffeine on our body has been studied by scientists. Until date, many researches have been conducted, but most of them differ in results. However, there are some known positive and negative effects of caffeine discovered. Let us take a look at some of them.

  1. The way caffeine would affect you depends on your body and nervous system, your weight, sex and many other factors. However, the effect caused by caffeine can last for up to 8 hours.
  2. One of the obvious things that caffeine affects is your heart and blood. Caffeine constricts your vessels and causes your heart to pump the blood faster. This is why, caffeine is dangerous for people, who suffer from hypertension. It can even cause stroke.
  3. Caffeine products, such as coffee, cocoa and tea are rich with antioxidants, which prevent early aging and even cancer. These products are also rich with fatty acids and certain vitamins. All these combined keep your body healthy.
  4. However, caffeine can have negative health effects too. It can slow down your digestion by relaxing your intestinal muscles. That is why, you should not drink coffee or tea right after your meals. Wait a while and drink caffeinated beverages at least half an hour after you eat.
  5. Caffeine affects your nervous system. As a result, some people suffer from extreme effects of caffeine, such as shivering hands or feeling sick or anxious all the time.
  6. Most people drink caffeine beverages with sugar. This overloads their pancreas, causing it to produce more insulin to digest that sugar. A combination of caffeine and too much sugar can aggravate the insulin level in your body.
  7. Caffeine affects your body in such a way that is similar to the effect produced by stress. Modern lifestyle offers enough challenges to increase stress level way beyond normal. And, caffeine adds up to that already increased level.

So as you may see, caffeine has both pros and cons to offer. If you can control its intake, you can benefit from its positive effects. Otherwise, excessive caffeine intake can ruin your health.

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