What Are The Best Colors to Paint a Kitchen?

What Are The Best Colors to Paint a Kitchen?

Kitchens are often neglected when deciding the interior décor of a house. It is important since a lot of consideration goes into deciding the color schemes used in the kitchen because it is one of the most functional parts of the house and a lot of time in spent in this space.

Although the colors used in the kitchen are largely subject to personal choices, there are some standard colors that are considered best for a kitchen. Two classic colors for kitchens are blue and green and they can be used in different shades. The color used in kitchens depends on the size of the room as well. For smaller kitchens, it is recommended that you use lighter shades of blue and green with darker tones for highlights. Larger kitchens can have darker shades. However, make sure that you use lighter shades generously so that the kitchen does not seem dark and dull.

Apple green is a very beautiful color for kitchen. This light shade can be complemented by ivory or white colored cabinets for an extra appeal. Light ocean blue is another color that looks good with light colored cabinetry. Yellow color looks good when used in kitchens. Since yellow is a very versatile color, it can be used in combination with a lot of colors such as blues, greens or reds.

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