What Are The Advantages Of Breastfeeding?

What Are The Advantages Of Breastfeeding?

One of the major and irrefutable benefits of breastfeeding is the fact that it is natural. Breast milk is the most natural and healthy food for a new born baby. Let us take a look at some other arguments on why breastfeeding is a good thing. Breastfeeding is beneficial in two ways. For one, breastfeeding is good for your baby and it is good for you too. Some ladies are afraid that breastfeeding can be bad for their health or would make them exhausted. But that is not true. In some cases, breastfeeding can even save a woman’s life. Take a look at these facts.

1. Breastfeeding benefits for the mummy

When you start breastfeeding your baby right after delivery, your uterus contracts much faster. It helps the uterus to return to its normal size in about two weeks without any additional medicine. Breastfeeding can also stop internal bleeding if it occurred after the delivery. When you breastfeed, you can lose weight more easily as you have to be on a special diet post childbirth. Your baby cannot consume unhealthy or fast food. So when you start breastfeeding, you have to eat only healthy food. This helps you to lose weight faster. You also spend more calories for the milk to be produced in your breast. This helps to lose weight more effectively.

2. Breastfeeding benefits for the baby

Breast milk supplies your baby with immunity for the first 3 to 6 months of his/her life. That is why, such babies rarely get any virus infections during the first months of their life. Breast milk is the perfect food for your baby’s digestive system. If you eat the right food, your baby can fully digest your milk. When you feed your baby with your milk, it develops better mental and learning abilities too.

Breastfeeding time is a very intimate and special moment both for the mother and the baby. It creates a special bond between them.

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