7 Ways to Treat a Tanning Bed Burn

7 Ways to Treat a Tanning Bed Burn

Ever got a tanning bed burn? No worries, these are common especially because UV radiation inside a tanning bed is a lot more than that of outdoor tanning. You can get a burn quicker on a tanning bed. Although damage to skin is irreversible; treating a tanning bed burn prevents inflammation and associated pain, infection and helps skin recover faster. So, here are some ways to treat one.

1. Bath

Take a quick cool shower to bring down the effects of the burn. Adding vinegar or oatmeal flakes to the water will fasten the healing process. However, do not stand under a strong jet of water since this is more likely to cause irritation and increase skin damage.

2. Topical applications

Aloe Vera on affected areas of skin works wonders. The plant has exceptional properties of soothing inflammation and hence works well on tanning bed burns as well. Alternatively, equal measures of milk and cool water can be applied and left on the affected area for 20 minutes to offer relief from pain. Plain yogurt also helps to minimize pain and soothes the areas effectively. Stay away from exfoliation until the skin heals and replace lost moisture on the area as frequently as possible. Low dose hydrocortisone creams also works to treat inflammations and relieve pain.

3. Hydration

The principle of hydration cannot be emphasized more. Exposure to UV rays results in loss of fluids through your skin. And when there is the added trauma of skin damage from it, staying hydrated is a basic requirement. Drink extra fluids to fasten the healing process and avoid dehydration.

4. OTC medicines

Over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen are shown to be effective in treating inflammations from sunburns. However, these need to be taken immediately following burns for them to work.

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