4 Ways to Transition Your Baby from Co-sleeping to Sleeping in a Crib

Ways to Transition Your Baby from Co-sleeping to Sleeping in a Crib

Co-sleeping with your kid or infant has a lot of mental and physical benefits both for you and your kid. You will be saving yourself a lot of anxiety on checking your baby and also be giving your baby a lot less stress when you keep it close to you when sleeping. You will also notice that the infant sleeps better when he or she is close to you. Bit of for some reason you do not wish to continue co-sleeping or if you think your baby is old enough to move on to his or own crib, then it is important that you make the transition as smooth as possible. Separating from you and the move to its own space can be a little difficult for the baby and you have to prepare yourself to be woken up at night or spend some sleepless nights comforting your baby. Here are some ways to transition your baby from co-sleeping to sleeping in a crib.

1. Make sure your kid has the right lovely

The whole idea behind co-sleeping with your baby is to give the kid a sense of safety and belonging. When you are transitioning your kid to a crib, make sure you are giving the kid a bit of the lost security by providing it with a lovely. It could be a stuffed toy or a blanket that the kid is already attached to or you could introduce a new object as long as it does not pose any choking hazard.

2. Keep the crib in your room for a while

When you are beginning with putting your baby in a crib, start by placing the crib in your own room instead of in a nursery. This way when your kid wakes up in the middle of the night, he or she can always see you or feel your presence in the room and will not get scared too quickly. After a while the baby will get used to this and not wake up so often in the middle of the night. Once the baby starts sleeping well, you can move the crib to another room.

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