7 Ways To Tell A Guy Is Interested In You

7 Ways To Tell A Guy Is Interested In You

If he looks at you with that shy smile, then he likes you a lot. Some subtle signs can reveal about his liking. Does he like you or does he really loves you? Well, listed are some ways to tell a guy is interested in you. So, read on to know for yourself.

1. If he always looks at you

This is like the most common sign. If he looks or stares at you without reason, then he has some feelings for you. In a group of friends or people, if he only looks at you, then be sure he is interested in you. He may also give that cute smile looking at you face. He may look straight into your eyes if he likes you.

2. If he waits for you to react

Have you observed him while talking in a group? Well, if he likes you then naturally he would want you to react first. Just notice if he cracks a joke or tells something interesting. The first thing he would look at you, be sure that he likes you. This is a like a connect that one searches for when there is a feeling of love in the heart.

3. If he leans towards you

If he leans towards you that means he likes you. This is a very subtle body language sign from a guy’s side. He may not totally lean towards you. But, casual leaning while talking means he is interested in you. It’s like a sign of getting close to the person you like or you are interested in. This is always from a guy’s side.

4. If he hugs you

Well, if you are friends with him, then it is natural that he might hug you. But, pay heed to the way he hugs you. If he simply hugs you and lingers on, that means that he has feelings for you. He may also passionately hug you for that matter. Friendly hug is different from the hug that has feelings. So, know for yourself.

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