7 Ways to Step Up Your Game

7 Ways to Step Up Your Game

No one wants to be called a loser. The trick, though, is to act as if you don’t care about how others judge your accomplishments. There are many ways to step up your game. However, it is imperative that you remember your worth at all times. It could be a deadly maze, trying to prove yourself to others, which can eventually bog and bring you down. Here are a few ways step up your game.

1. Set smart goals

This is what most management books will tell you. This is what the best coaches will tell you. It is easy to have a goal that says you want to climb the Mt. Everest, become an astronaut or win the Booker. However, setting smart goals is what will get you on that route. The goals should be measurable, in that they are time-bound and hence allow you to check your progress at regular intervals. The goals should be achievable bits and pieces of a larger plan that don’t look daunting. A bigger task should be broken down into smaller, more realistic pieces which could be ticked off, one by one.

2. Always remember, you are your competition

You don’t step up your game by looking across your shoulder at what your peers are doing. Everyone has his or her own battles to fight. Everyone has his or her own struggles, aims and goals. You don’t really know who is having fun and who is actually sad. So comparisons aren’t really advisable. The greatest winners in history were those who set their own targets and then set out to better them each time. They were their own competition. They chose the bar and then they raised it for themselves. Following the same will ensure you are enjoying the path. If you constantly measure your successes and failures with others, you are bound to get frustrated at some point of time.

3. Be ruthless in organizing

One of the biggest roadblocks to making your life meaningful is procrastination and your indulgence in small unimportant things. When you have set goals, it is important to drop everything that doesn’t help you take a few steps towards your goal. You should only spend your time from then on, trying to accomplish one task after another. This needs you to be driven and ruthless, when it comes to organizing your tasks.

4. Seek feedback

Others don’t set your goals for you. Others don’t need to tell you how to achieve what you want to achieve as long as you have clarity. However, there will always be someone who has charted out a similar path in life and has faced similar challenges. There will always be people more knowledgeable about the stuff you are passionate about. Seeking these two categories of people will only motivate you and enrich your experience, pushing you further towards your goals. Therefore, it is important to be confident but humble. It is never a bad idea to seek constructive feedback.

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