8 Ways to Stay Healthy this Rainy Season

8 Ways to Stay Healthy this Rainy Season

Rainy season surely looks beautiful, but it also brings its share of health problems. Rains create havoc as far as health is concerned. You might also suffer from digestion and immunity ailments. Stay healthy to enjoy the season. Listed below are some ways to stay healthy this rainy season.

1. Eat fresh veggies

It is important to consume fresh veggies and fruits in this season. Do not eat processed or frozen veggies. Also, wash the veggies with Luke warm water before consuming them. There are organic options available in veggies and fruits. Have at least two portions of fresh veggies and one portion of fruit this rainy season.

2. Maintain a good hygiene

Wash your hands every time you are back at home. Use a good anti bacterial hand wash. If you are going out, then don’t forget to carry a sanitizer with you. Also, maintain a good hygiene at your home. Regularly dust your upholstery and your curtains. Do not use old napkins for cleaning purposes.

3. Drink herbal tea

Most herbal teas have medicinal value. Consume at least two cups of herbal teas in this season. Green tea is a must as it helps to detoxify your body. It helps to protect the body from frequent bouts of cold and flu, which is common in the rainy season. Mint and basil tea also has healing properties for the body.

4. Cover up yourself

While stepping out of your home, always keep a rain coat handy with you. It is best to cover yourself with a raincoat and gum boot. Stay away from water that is contaminated. Also, use a good umbrella along with if need be. The idea is to stay safe during a heavy downpour in the rainy season.

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