10 Ways to Show Your Love for Your Friends

10 Ways to Show Your Love for Your Friends

Have you been at the giving and receiving end of the excuse, “Sorry sweetie, I was caught up with work.” This is what often happens amongst friends. Everyone is so busy in their lives that none has the time to show love and affection. In the long run, money is not going to be your companion. In times of loneliness, only friends can help. Always show them you love them and here’s how.

1. Always communicate and stay in touch

It could be 2 min or 20 min doesn’t matter, but talk to your close friends at least once in 2 days. Keep them updated about your life’s happenings and stay updated with theirs.

2. Meet regularly

The comfort and satisfaction in meeting friends is totally different from chatting via texts, social media etc. Make it a point to meet for outings, movies dinners, and shopping and have fun.

3. Remember important stuff

Always remember important stuff and moments about friends. By this I just don’t mean birthdays and anniversaries but things like their first job, first successful moment, favorite color, food item, song, artist, etc.

4. Write a verse about them

Make your friends feel special by writing a poem, a blog about them showing what makes them so good and why you would always want them as a friend.

5. Gift them without occasions

A gift always brings a smile. Buy your friends something, take her for a spa, gift him tickets to a game just randomly. This definitely shows your care and your love.

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