5 Ways to Resolve Disagreements in Relationships

Ways to Resolve Disagreements in Relationships

Relationships are complex affairs. It does not matter what kind of relationships you are in. It could be a relationship you share with your friends, your siblings, your friends, your neighbors or your love interests. No matter how close you are to someone, you cannot always know what is going to tick them off or what is going to cause you heartache. Disagreements and arguments are bound to crop up between people who meet every day or spend a lot of time together. The trick to having a good relationship is to resolve it as soon as they crop up and not let bad feelings simmer for a long time. Letting them be is just going to make things worse and can even bring down a relationship. Here are some ways to resolve disagreements in relationships.

1. Say what is on your mind

No one is a mind reader and no matter how close you are to a person they cannot read everything that goes on in your mind. When you think you have been insulted or you feel affronted or when you think you just cannot go by what the other person said or did, speak up and let them know that you are not in agreement. It is also helpful if you ask them what is eating them instead of thinking everything is right after a heated argument.

2. Talk it out

There is no better way to resolve a conflict or a disagreement than by talking about it. Tell the other person about what is disturbing you and also ask the other person about what has gone wrong between the two of you. Talking with a clear head helps you see clearly what had gone wrong between the two of you.

3. Never shy away from apologizing

Even when you are convinced that you are not at fault, it never hurts to apologize. Let go of your ego and apologize. However, do not hold it against the other person that he or she made you apologize. Apologizing falsely will get you over for a short while but will never resolve the disagreement forever.

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