6 Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

6 Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

A number of women suffer from breast cancer. The ones who get diagnosed early are the lucky ones as they can be treated at an early stage while the ones with an advanced stage of cancer go through a terrible ordeal to get back to normalcy. Some even lose their lives battling the cancer. There is pretty much nothing you can do about it if you carry the gene, but you can always go to regular checks to find out as soon as you get it and also have preventive breast removal surgeries. Other than this, you can do the normal things that would reduce the risks of any cancer like cutting down on smoking or quitting it altogether, reduce the amount of fat intake and eat foods that can help fight cancer naturally. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are great options for his. Here are a few other things that you can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

1. Breast feeding

Studies have shown the women who breast feed their kids have a lower incidence of breast cancer compared to women who do not breast feed their kids. This maybe because breast feeding interrupts ovulation and brings down the production of estrogen . Another reason is that when you breast feed, the cells in your breasts become more mature and this is less prone to the mutations that occur in cancerous cells.

2. Drink less alcohol

Studies have shown that alcohol reduces the capability of the liver to metabolize estrogen. Since one of the liver’s jobs is to reduce the potency of the hormones from the body and help eliminate them, you should cut down on the alcohol, since alcohol messes up with the liver functions. If you are a regular drinker, you might just be spiking up your chances of getting a breast cancer.

3. Exercise well

This is especially important if you have a sedentary job during your reproductive years. Studies have shown that women who have much more physical activity have fewer risks of getting breast cancer compared to women who lead sedentary lives. Exercise can not only keep you fit, but also reduce your chances of breast cancer.

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