5 Ways to Recover from Jet Lag

Ways to Recover from Jet Lag

Traveling is great fun. It is great to travel to a different country or countries and soak in all the experiences, the food and the sights they have to offer. Barring a few, one thing most people hate about traveling is the time spent on the plane and in the airports. When you fly to distant lands for work or for fun, you cross a whole lot of time zones. Within a matter of a day or hours, you would have crossed many a time zone and your body would be at a loss to react and stabilize itself. This funny feeling where you go through sleepless days and nights, lose your appetite, feel lethargic and have difficulty adjusting to a normal day is caused by the jet lag. Jet lag can be pretty painful especially if you are not used to traveling and if you have to start work almost immediately. Fortunately there are easy ways to get over jet lag or do things where you would not feel it in the first place. Here are some ways to get over a jet lag.

1. Keep following your exercise routine

When you have an active physical life and run or exercise on a daily basis and not let go of it even when you are traveling, you will find that you suffer less from jet lag and that the endorphins released from the physical activity helps you stay fit and active, not lazy and doped out. If you are someone who does not exercise, try not to sleep, get out and get some exercise, at least walk a bit to shake off the jet lag.

2. Try and acclimatize yourself to the new time zone

To do this, try and stimulate the new time zone a few days before you leave. Start sleeping early or staying up late or whatever it takes to deal with jet lag. If you cannot, do not force yourself, as forcing yourself to sleep will only make you frustrated. Rest as much as possible.

3. Stay hydrated and move around

Drink lots of water on your flight and also try walking around the plane if it is a very long flight. Drinking lots of water in itself will give you a reason to walk to the toilets and back. Do a little bit of stretching too, if you get some space. It is very important that you let your limbs move.

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