7 Ways to Protect Your Facebook from Hackers

7 Ways to Protect Your Facebook from Hackers

Did you recently hear of a friend’s Facebook account being hacked? Do you control your privacy settings on Facebook? The way you use safety measures on your PC and on Facebook will determine how vulnerable your Facebook account is for hackers. Here are a few tips to protect your account.

1. Enable HTTPS on your internet browser

The HTTPS encryption on your internet browser ensures that your communication online remains secure. This means that even when you use Facebook, you will eliminate the dangers caused by unencrypted communication. This is the first step you should take not just to protect your Facebook account, but all your activities on the internet.

2. Scrutinize third party applications on Facebook

Using a range of third party applications on Facebook may be a lot of fun, but it can pose a potential hacking risk too. While there are no guarantees on which app a hacker will use to reach your Facebook account, you can still take care by reviewing the quality of the app that you want to use. Skim though reviews about that app online, read about the credibility of its maker and then take a judgment about using that app.

3. View notifications manually

Most users are likely to view notifications directly from their email by clicking them open in a new tab or window because it is convenient to do so. But if you want to avoid giving hackers unnecessary chances to hack your account, log into Facebook manually and check your notifications. Hackers often create fake Facebook links, send them via email and lure users to enter a fake Facebook site where you may unknowingly give away your details.

4. Always log out of your Facebook account

Although it is common sense to log out of Facebook after using it, there are many people who don’t do so. This gives hackers a perfect chance to steal your information and privacy. Instead of shutting down the internet browser in which you are using Facebook, sign out of the account to keep it safe.

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