7 Ways to Overcome The Hurt Caused By a Breakup

Ways to Overcome The Hurt Caused By a Breakup

The hurt caused by a breakup is never easy to bear – more so, if it was initialized by your partner. But that does not mean that you would never be able to overcome this stage of pain. Every feeling and state of mind is temporary. Just like you fell in love with him, then began to have problems and eventually entered the hate stage now, you will also slowly get over this phase, where you feel extremely hurt because someone broke up with you. The trick is to not try too hard to get over this phase. Allow it to pass, and slowly but surely you will notice that the feeling is gone and you are back to normal again. It may just take some time, but that’s all! There are some simple ways to get over this phase easily. Listed below are 7 ways to overcome the hurt caused by a breakup.

1. Accept the breakup

The first thing to do is accept the fact that the breakup has happened and stop beating yourself up about it. You are not at fault for loving someone who broke up with you, and even if it was your decision to split, you would not have known how he would turn out when you first fell for him. This is just a life experience and let it be just that. Do not think about “what ifs” in your mind as that will not let you get over the hurt.

2. Let the pain and anger pass

It is obvious that this is the stage where you will feel hatred, pain and anger – all which would seem to be too overwhelming. You may break out crying or screaming some of the time but just let this phase pass. You are not ill or crazy to be behaving this way. This is normal human behavior and like anybody else, you too will eventually get over it. You must therefore allow considerable time to pass before you stop feeling such extreme emotions about someone who does not deserve to be a part of your life.

3. Detach yourself

You must stop thinking about the person who is responsible for the hurt. Detach yourself from him in every way possible. Block him on your phone and social networking sites. Stop talking to him over the phone and stop replying to his messages. Even if you have had an amicable breakup and decided to stay in touch just as friends, allow some time to pass before you get in touch with him again. When the hurt caused by the breakup is still fresh in your mind, it is not advisable to engage in any kind of communication with him as it might bring back happy memories from the times when the two of you were together. Let some time pass and when you think that you are over the phase of pain and are ready to talk to him platonically, then you can get in touch with him again.

4. Control your emotions

Do not let your emotions get the better of you. Just after the breakup when you are still recovering from the hurt caused, you will have a tendency to think that in order to just stop feeling bad at once, you should get back together with him. This is where your emotions are playing with your mind. Control your emotions and remind yourself of the times when the relationship did not feel so good and the reason why you eventually broke up.

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