30 Ways to Make Your Life More Interesting

Ways to Make Your Life More Interesting

We have but one life and it lies solely with us to either make it interesting or to live it the ordinary way. The difference between an interesting life and an ordinary life is like between choosing a cheese and macaroni dinner to having an exotic Thai dinner. Cheese and macaroni dinner could be comforting and be there when you need it, but to get an exotic Thai dinner you will have to either get the ingredients and prepare it yourself or do a bit of homework and find the best Thai restaurant in town. Whatever way you choose, you will have made your dinner experience different and more importantly interesting. The same can be applied to life at large; you can add different things to your daily schedule to make your life interesting. Here are some ways to make your life more interesting.

1. Do something different once in a while

Our routines lull us into a false sense of safety and comfort and we seldom want to break that. But if your life is going to be predictable for the next week, the month and maybe even the year, there is no point. You will have to do something that is totally out of character.

2. Quit your job and go travelling

Quit your job to do a bit of travelling and go to a place that you have always wanted to explore.

3. Start a new venture

Everyone can do it, all it needs is a little bit of courage and a lot more bluster to convince yourself and others that it would be a success

4. Go mountain climbing at least once in your life

This would not only make your life interesting but also test your strength and endurance limits.

5. Do something different at least once in a month

Try to do something different at least once in a month so you can plan for it in the beginning of the month and then think and talk about what you had done for the rest of the month.

6. Do not stick to the same routine

Routine can be safe and comforting and pretty boring. If you like having a routine, have one, but keep changing your routine. Keep juggling the usual things you normally do and try to make them interesting.

7. Surprise yourself and surprise others

Never underestimate your ability to surprise yourself. Be impulsive and do what you have to and what you want to.

8. Do not try and control your life

Life is pretty unpredictable and instead of trying to control your life and change it to your style, let go with life and do what your heart tells you to do.

9. Be impulsive

It isn’t always very interesting to be rational and practical all the time.

10. Get to know more people

Try and get to know as many people as you can. You never know how much they can bring into your life.

11. Make a friend that is not from your country or background

They can have a different language, a different culture and also a different value system that you can learn from.

12. Go out as much as you can with your new friends

You can also go out a lot when you have many friends from different cultural backgrounds.

13. Be open to changes and challenges

Never shy away from taking life head on. Be open to changes and challenges.

14. Do not resist change

Resisting change will never do any good and make your life more interesting by making the changes yourself. You will have more control over your life that way.

15. Be a risk taker

What better way to make your life interesting than taking risks with it. Be it a personal decision or a professional decision you need to take more risks. Risks make your life interesting and a treat to live.

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