9 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

You think you have legs that are too short for your liking? Don’t worry now. Here are some cool tips to get those evasively sexy long legs.Check out these ways to make your legs look longer.

1. Wear dark colors

It’s a known fact that dark colors just shave off the pounds from your weight. They not only make you look slimmer but they also give your body defined curves and make your legs look longer. Try wearing the same color shoes/heels as your dress. This will keep you admirers guessing as to where your legs start and end!

2. Choose vertical lines

Trousers, skirts and dresses that have vertical designs on them will make your legs look thinner. Vertical details trick the eyes to rove the entire length of your body, emphasizing on your legs. Pinstriped pants, pencil skirts, piping designs, vertical rows of buttons all have the same lengthening effect.

3. Wear skinny fit jeans

Pants that taper off at your ankles will make your legs look longer and thinner. Thus, always have a stock of these wonderful skin fit, tapering jeans in your wardrobe to flash that leggy look whenever you desire.

4. Experiment with asymmetrical hems

Asymmetrical hems can really give the illusion of longer legs. Since they don’t define any particular level, you are awarded with enviably elongated legs. Just try this out, and be amazed yourself!

5. Avoid horizontal designs

Be it your tops or your pants, horizontal designs on them can spread out your weight. They make your look more voluminous and bulky. To make your legs look longer, your best bet would be to avoid them altogether. Horizontal detailing would just shorten your frame, leaving you looking even shorter than you actually are!

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