5 Ways to Make Your Husband Want You More

 Ways to Make Your Husband Want You More

After love and respect, It is the wanting that wives really need from their men. You feel more confident and sexy about yourself when your husband wants you a lot more and also makes it let known in as many ways as possible. Bring in the early spark of your wooing days by making yourself irresistible to him and making him ask for more. He should want you more not only in bed but in other aspects of daily life as well. Here are some things you can do to make your husband want you more. Being wanted is the best flattery you can ever get in your life.

1. Stay in shape

This may sound like a shallow thing to say, but the truth is that a lot of time, women let themselves go after the wedding and do not make efforts to maintain their bodies like they used to earlier. Men like to look at beautiful women, try and stay in shape and beautiful to make your husband want you more. Make that little extra effort for him.

2. Do not be around at his beck and call all the time

You husband might take you for granted if you are around all the time and do things for him without him even asking you to. Make yourself sparse. This will make him want you more as he knows that taking you for granted is only detrimental to him.

3. Show him your sexiness in bed

Once in a while, blow him mind off in bed. Make him feel like he is the best lover in the world. Do things to him that he would have never expected from you. Take him over completely and make him pant and beg you for more. Do this at regular intervals and make sure you don’t do this too much. Tease him from time to time to make him want you more.

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