9 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

Regardless of how hard you try to keep your home looking clean and smelling fresh, some smells are just hard to get rid off. Food smells, odors from the bathroom or from outside, garbage, shoes and plenty other factors can cause bad smells inside your home. And when you are expecting guests, bad smells can turn a nightmare. Here are some easy and effective ways to make your home smell good.

1. Soak sinks and drains in vinegar

All areas that are water prone are likely to emit odors regardless of how frequently you clean them. Let the bowls, sinks and drains soak in a cup of vinegar for 5 minutes at least. Clean and flush to reduce foul smells.

2. Burn those candles

There are a number of scented candles you can find in the market today. Place fragrant candles at different points in your home. Make sure you cover the bathrooms and kitchen as well. Burn them periodically to emit pleasant fragrance all over your home. This is aromatherapy and you can get them at your home without having to spend lots of money at a spa.

3. Keep your pets clean

Homes with pets also tend to smell. Make sure you wash your little pup in the tub every day. Those litter boxes can be the real culprit. Soak, scrub and wash them through with a mix of vinegar and baking soda. If you find that tough, get your pet a new one occasionally.

4. Watch the kitchen

Cooking odors, leftover food, rotting veggies or fruits – a kitchen can be home to numerous smells and stuff that can smell. Make sure you dispose garbage properly. Put away your veggies and fruits neatly to avoid inviting fleas. Also, garbage cans and dirty refrigerators can create bad stench. Baking soda in garbage cans, white vinegar wash insides of the fridge and cleaning every nook and corner are some things that can keep your kitchen clean and fresh.

5. Open up

No air is better than fresh air. Open window and doors so that air circulation can rid your home off bad smells and odors.

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