7 Ways to Make Your Car Look Girly and Cute

7 Ways to Make Your Car Look Girly and Cute

Almost all cars look too manly and boring for the fun girl who wants to show her feminine side through not only her dresses, but also her car. Although companies nowadays do make certain cars in girly shades, they are too expensive or not attractive enough as far as features are concerned. If you want a robust car with high performance but want it to look like good eye candy too, you could make it look more feminine in the following ways.

1. Embellish with car stickers and magnets

There are a variety of car stickers available in girly designs which you can paste onto the outside of your car. If repainting isn’t suiting you, then these stickers are sure to remind people that a girly girl is driving this car. You could also embellish your car with fridge magnets or bumper stickers to add that fun and young touch to it.

2. Get your car repainted

There is no point up jazzing up the interiors of your car if the outside is going to look as dull and commonplace as the others on the road. Get your car repainted in a girly color such as red, pink, orange, yellow, bright green or blue to give off the feminine and cute vibe.

3. Install a cute car hanging on the front mirror

Installing car hangings is such fun that many people change them on a monthly basis. You could hang on a faux flower lei or any of the many available kinds of car hangings that will speak your language and reflect your choices and sensibilities.

4. Add soft toys at the back of the seats

A nice feminine touch to your car would be the addition of a handful of soft toys in the space behind the back seats. The only thing you ought to make sure is that you can properly see behind and the soft toys are not becoming a visual obstruction.

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