8 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You More

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You More

Getting your guy to pine for you is not exactly easy. Guys are not as into a relationship as girls are. For them, the novelty lasts just for a few weeks. Yet, do you wish your guy misses you dearly when you two are apart? Read on to catch a few smart ways to make your boyfriend miss you more.

1. Be a free bird

Guys can be damn confusing. While they don’t want you to be too clingy, they can’t accept the fact that their girlfriends can have fun without them! Take this as your cue. Have a girls’ night out, party full on and fill your time apart with millions of exciting things. He’ll surely miss you as hell then.

2. Call him less often

Missing him already? Stop right there itself. Don’t you pick up the phone and call him now! Showing him that you are always at the edge of your seat, eager to see him, will only drive him away. Wait till he calls you, hang up early. If busy, let the call go to voice-mail. Don’t reply to his texts immediately. Let him know that your life does not revolve around him solely. Do this and he’ll be dying to hear your voice again.

3. Refuse a last minute date plan

Don’t let him take you for granted. You are an independent soul with your own plans and commitments for the day. If your guy suddenly calls up and asks you to meet him someplace, say no. After all you weren’t supposed to meet today because he had plans with his friends right? Never seem too eager.

4. Wear a signature perfume

Your boyfriend is sure going to miss you when he catches that lingering scent of yours in his home. Make sure that you use a shampoo, lotion or a perfume consistently so that it will truly mark you and your presence. An aromatic reminder of your exquisite time together!

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