6 Ways To Make Good Friends In The New Year

6 Ways To Make Good Friends In The New Year

Friends are an integral part of our lives. They are the family that we get to choose. We make friends at all stages of our lives. A few good ones remain and the others leave us or we move on. It is easy to make friends when we are younger as we are quite open to new ideas and new people. We are also less rigid in our thoughts and more open to adventure. We also have a lot of time to spend with them and try to make new friends just for the diversity they bring in our lives. It is a little difficult to make friends as we grow older as we have other things to worry about and we tend to look for similar people who share the same tastes or lifestyle. Good friends are hard to come by and here is how you can make good friends this year.

1. Be honest

If you want to make good friends, it is very important that you are honest in your dealing with them. You can only carry on a charade for so long and if you need good friends in life, you need to be honest to yourself as well as to them. Lies will only drive a wedge between you and your friends and you should also be careful not to gossip or do any backstabbing that might hurt them.

2. Be cheerful

People get attracted to you when you are cheerful and when you spread cheer around you. People like to be around someone who can make light of any situation and can crack a joke. You will notice that people tend to gravitate towards you when you are cheerful and are seen mostly with a smile. If you are genuinely happy and make others happy without wanting anything in return you will make very good friends in life.

3. Be open

Do not be close minded when it comes to knowing new people. You should also not cast aspirations and judge people before you get to know them. You may have already missed out on making a lot of good friends because you thought they were not like you or because they did not come from the same background as you do. Be open to people of different races, nationality and culture. You never know who will become your best friend for life.

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