7 Ways to Make a Nerdy Guy Like You Instantly

7 Ways to Make a Nerdy Guy Like You Instantly

If you are one of those women who have a thing for nerdy guys, you have signed up for some extra hard work. Nerdy guys can be really caring and can dote on you with all the attention that you need. They are the ones who are usually far more faithful and make for perfect life partners. Besides, a lot of women think nerds look cool especially those who are treasure-troves about your favorite subject, whether it is gadget or physics. However, getting them to relax when you are around, make them notice you and get comfortable with you needs some strategizing. Here are some ways to make a nerdy guy like you instantly.

1. Don’t be judgmental

Nerds might have received their fair share of criticism. They might have been the butt of many a joke. That is why most nerds keep to themselves, expecting people to find them funny. A lot of nerds stick to their small groups of at most two more nerds. Making it into the circle of trust is tough because nerds usually aren’t outgoing or extroverts and find it hard to believe someone is seriously interested in them. Therefore, you have to be less judgmental in order to make them believe in your intentions.

2. Express interest in what the nerd is good at

Nerds are extremely passionate about something or the other. They have an area of expertise and they spend a lot of time talking about it, reading about it or researching about it. One of the best ways to get a nerd to like you is by asking questions about their interests. Mind you, you will have to genuinely like their subject. They will catch it if you are merely trying to get them to talk. They really like it if they find someone who speaks the same language as they do. What gets them excited is when you have an interest and some accomplishments to show in the same field.

3. Get their sense of humor

Nerds have a sense of humor, no doubt. Nevertheless, it could be weird or out of the box at times. But, that could lead to one of the quickest ways to get them to like you. Nerds develop a natural kind of liking for those who get their humor and can laugh with them. Once again, you really have to work at understanding their humor before you can enjoy it thoroughly.

4. Be encouraging

Some nerds are self-effacing. It is not strange to find them slightly low on confidence when it comes to things outside their interests. This could be about their hair, their clothes, their gait, speech or walk. Reminding them that they are not so bad and actually complimenting them where it is due could be a nice way to make it into their heart. They will take some time to believe you, but it will at least get you their attention.

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