7 Ways To Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

7 Ways To Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

It is better to prevent the disease than to cure it. So, if there is a cancer risk due to genes, then you must follow some ways to lower your risk of cancer. There is no fool proof way to do that, but still it may help to prevent the disease. So read on to know about the ways.

1. Eat healthy

By eating healthy, you can reduce your cancer risk by about forty percent. You heard that right! Eat healthy foods on a daily basis. Include lots of greens in your diet. Have at least two to three portions of fruits in your diet plan. Don’t have junk food or foods that are too high in calories. Have a moderate meal size to remain healthy and fit.

2. Drink lots of liquids

Do you know that water can actually help to prevent bladder cancer? As it helps to flush out cancer causing agents in the urine, it helps to keep the bladder clean. So, drink about two liters of water daily. Also, include other fresh juices in your diet. Vegetable juices can also prevent the risk of cancer to a good extent.

3. Exercise regularly

By exercising regularly, you can cut your cancer risk by up to twenty percent. So, hit the gym whenever you get the time. Or, practice different types of workouts at least three times in a week. Even, walking for about twenty minutes daily can lower your cancer risk. It also helps to maintain your ideal body weight, which is important.

4. Caffeine is better

If you are a coffee addict, then you can lower the brain cancer risk by up to 40 percent. Yes, it was proved in a recent survey that caffeine has agents that help to fight the cancer causing cells in the body. The survey also proved that four to five cups of coffee is great to prevent cancer risk. So, caffeine is actually better to consume.

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