7 Ways to Live a More Meaningful Life

Ways to Live a More Meaningful Life

The meaning of life is elusive. Those who claim to have found it may have just stumbled upon the tip of an enormous iceberg. But maybe humanity was never supposed to know the meaning of life. There must be a reason why we do not know certain things. Whether a higher intelligence is at work or we as a race are just plain ignorant is another debate altogether, but what we can do is live life in a meaningful way. While we may not know our purpose here, we can make our time on this planet worthwhile to the extent that we have no regrets when we depart. Making life meaningful is living life at its best. How to do this? Listed below are the top 7 ways to live a more meaningful life.

1. Prioritize things and people

In life, you ought to know what is important and what is not. You must prioritize things, people, tasks as well as dreams in order to make life more meaningful. There will always be a lot of clutter in your life which you just allow to be there without realizing that they are slowly but surely taking away your peace of mind. Get rid of them and notice how lovely your life has become.

2. Have more friends than things

Pursuing material possessions is not a crime but you should be in control. Sometimes you could lose control over your instincts and end up spending a lot of money on things you do not need just because others have them too or those things are now in vogue. Instead of things, pursue people. Make new friends, talk to your acquaintances and smile at strangers as that enriches your life in the true sense, something which no material possession can ever do, no matter how wealthy or rich you become. Even if you are an introvert, talk to the few people who are close to you and nurture those relationships than investing time and energy on material possessions.

3. Follow your passion

Have a passion in life. Find your calling and follow it relentlessly. You will most certainly have a passion, a calling which makes you enthusiastic and full of energy almost always. This is what drives you and this is probably what your life purpose is. Whether you become rich and famous is another matter, but if you do not follow your passion, you will not have lived the life you deserved.

4. Have a life goal

Have a goal in life. When you know what you want in life, living it becomes simpler and more purposeful. If you have a long term goal, break it down into small term goals and on a daily basis track you progress towards them. This will not only make your life more meaningful, it will give you satisfaction beyond measure.

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