14 Ways to Know Who Your Real Friends Are

14 Ways to Know Who Your Real Friends Are

They say you can tell a lot about someone by the friends he or she keeps. Well, if that’s true, then you need to be very careful before you put your trust in someone. We give you some of the qualities of a good friend that might help you make the right buddies.

1. Do they judge you?

When it comes to “real” friendship, it is sans any kind of judgement. If you find your friends judging you by the way you dress, look, behave, etc., then they are not good friends. A good buddy must be non-judgmental and love you for the way you are.

2. Do they have a hidden agenda?

Do you sometimes feel that your friends have an ulterior motive behind being nice to you? If yes, then you need to pay heed to that voice in your head and clarify your doubts. Real friends do not have any hidden agenda when it comes to caring for someone.

3. Do they take you for granted?

If you find your friends ill-treating you and treating you like dirt, then it is time to find new friends. True friends never take each other for granted and are always aware of each others’ value.

4. Are they forgiving?

No one is perfect. Do your friends understand this fact? This does not mean that your buddies should always take your side and never be angry at you for anything. But do they forgive you when you realize your mistake and make a genuine apology? Friends should not hold grudges against each other for too long. The relationship has to be forgiving.

5. Can you communicate with them?

You might chat with a friend for several hours on a daily basis, but are you able to communicate with each other? In a healthy friendship it is extremely important that you feel comfortable enough to discuss things with each other, no matter how complicated the topic might be. Being able to have a heart-felt communication is vital.

6. Do they behave differently in front of others?

If your friends behave differently when they are alone with you and change their attitude in the company of others, then it is not a good sign. A third person’s presence or absence should not dictate the kind of relationship that you have with your friend.

7. Do they stand by their commitments?

It is important in friendship that you keep your promises. If you find your friends bailing out on you frequently, then this might mean that they do not value you enough.

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