5 Ways to Know If Your Teenager Cuts Himself or Herself

Ways to Know If Your Teenager Cuts Himself or Herself

In almost all houses, however close the parents are to their kids, the teenage years can be a virtual battle zone. The teenage years are when typically the kids experience a horrendous hormonal change and also firmly believe that the whole world including their parents cannot understand them and are out to get them. The parents too, forgetting that they were once teenagers too and that their kid is just going through a phase, react badly making the situation even worse. Teenagers not only have to deal with their own raging hormones but also have to deal with other teenagers in their school and also try to fit in everywhere. When the pressure gets too much and they are depressed, they take it out by getting into drinking, drugs or by cutting themselves. It is not every time that cutting themselves means they have suicidal thoughts but sometimes it can lead to that and it is important that you look out for these things. Here are some ways to know if your teenager cuts himself or herself.

1. Check if they are wearing full sleeves and turtle necks even when it is sweltering hot

If your teenager is covered up completely even when it is boiling hot, chances are that it is not a fashion statement but that he or she is trying to hide the cut marks that she or he had inflicted on themselves. A day in a week would be ok, but if they stick to this style for over a week, it is time you intervened as asked them to show what is wrong. Instead of getting angry it would help if you talk to them and find out what is going on.

2. Check for unusual marks or scars that weren’t there before

As much as they try to hide it, they cannot always be on their guard. When they are sleeping or relaxing try to look for unusual or new scars. Do not make it obvious as it may cause another row in the family. Rather try and be discreet when you are looking for these things. Teenagers will look at everything suspiciously and never understand that you are trying to help.

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3. Keep a tab on the medical supplies at home

If you doubt that your teenager is cutting himself or herself then it makes sense that you keep a tab on your medical supplies at home. Look if antiseptic lotions and band aids keep regularly disappearing.

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