7 Ways To Know If Your Friends Are Cheating On You

5. Erratic behavior from her side

It is quite possible that a friend who cheats on you behaves in an unpredictable way. If she has no explanation for things you ask, then she is not being true to you in friendship. There are some other plans in her mind which is compelling her to behave in such a way. A classic sign of a cheater friend.

6. Being secretive

Friendship is truly transparent in nature; there is no scope for secrets in friendship. If your friend is secretive about things, then she does not want to share things with you. Or in other words, she might be cheating on you. Ask her if you suspect her behavior before it is too late.

7. Stops talking to you

Well, if she is cheating on you, then she would not answer your calls or reply to your texts. This is a clear indication from her side that she is not interested in remaining friends with you. Had it not been for her behavior, you would be in other space with her in life. It is indeed cheating from her side that might affect your beautiful friendship. It is better to end your friendship with a cheating friend because there is no place for cheating in a pure relationship of friendship.

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