7 Ways To Know If Your Friends Are Cheating On You

7 Ways To Know If Your Friends Are Cheating On You

Friendship is all about trust and understanding. But, what happens when your friends cheat on you? Well, this happens all the time and with many people. Has the same thing happened to you as well? Listed are some ways to know if your friends are cheating on you.

1. Ignorance in all

Well, if your friend is cheating on you, then most probably she will start ignoring you. You heard that right! She will give you back answers for almost all the things you ask. She would not be interested in your talks anymore. She would feel suffocated in your company because that is the proof of her deceit.

2. Lying game

If you catch her lying about things, then surely she has been cheating on you. Well, this could be due to some personal things. Or, maybe you never know she might be cheating on you for your guy. A lie means end of a game. There is no place for a lie in pure friendship. You must know about the situation and confront her.

3. Talks about you

A good friend will never talk behind your back, but a friend who cheats will. If your common friends tell you that your good friend talks behind your back, then well it is a sort of cheating. She doesn’t respect you or loves you anymore. Had she been your good friend, she would have kept your deepest secret in her heart for sure.

4. Caught in the act

The most common sign of a cheating friend is getting caught in the act. In a possible case of cheating, she might back stab you and have an affair with your boyfriend. This does not need any explanation. Your friend has cheated on you big time, this situation just needs a confrontation and a good bye forever.

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