4 Ways to Know If You are Pushing Him Away with Your Behavior

Ways to Know If You are Pushing Him Away with Your Behavior

You can’t be the same person all the time and it is very difficult and almost impossible to be nice all the time. Putting up your best behavior with your boyfriend, partner or husband, grinning and bearing it all and then letting lose or venting it out in uncontrolled rage for sure is going to be a terrible shock for him and might possibly make him think about spending time with you. Most times, he will not tell you what is bothering him. Even if your behavior is irritating him to the core, he would just act out in his own way and not bother to tell you what’s eating him. These are the times when you have to find out for yourself as to what you are doing is turning him away or if your behavior is pushing him away. It is always good to find out what is wrong and rectify it before it is too late. Here are some ways to know if you are pushing him away with your behavior.

1. He is not too enthusiastic about spending alone time with you

Unlike before, where you two might have been joined at the hip, he might no longer want to spend a lot of time with you and always seems to have a ready excuse when you suggest going out or spending a lot of time alone. This could only mean that he is not too comfortable spending alone time with you and that you have done something to still doing it to push him away.

2. He stops listening to what you have to say

You are probably talking about something that he is not interested in or you are going over the same story over and over again. It could also be that you are complaining about something all the time. This constant annoying talk will certainly push anyone away and his behavior can only mean that he needs some time away from you.

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