5 Ways to Know If Someone has Suicidal Tendencies

5 Ways to Know If Someone has Suicidal Tendencies

We often hear news about people committing suicide and more often than not, their loved ones seem to be surprised and shocked by this extreme step. This is because a person who has suicidal tendencies may not show any overt signs and may seem just like any other normal person. We give you some of the signs that can help you figure out if someone close to you is having such suicidal thoughts or not. This can help you in taking the appropriate steps to help avoid this misfortune.

1. Complete withdrawal

If someone who is usually high-spirited and very outgoing becomes withdrawn and seems to have gone into a shell, then it could be a sign that he/she is being troubled by suicidal thoughts. You will find the person not making any effort to socialize or interact with those who are close to him/her. This sudden change in behavior could be a sign of other problems as well and should not be taken lightly.

2. A deep sense of not being needed

If you often find a person saying, “I don’t think that my existence matters to anyone” or “My being alive does not make a difference to anyone” or “Would anyone even care if I died?” then it is a red flag. If someone continues to have such feelings over a long period of time them it can prove very harmful. This feeling of worthlessness can really take over someone and make them think about committing suicide.

3. A deeply cynical view of life

If you find someone being extremely negative about life after a tragedy or a mishappening, then you must make an effort to keep an eye on that person. It is OK to feel cynical about life after a major trauma but a prolonged sense of hopelessness or pessimism can drive a person insane and push him or her over the edge. Such people become prone to having suicidal thoughts.

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