5 Ways to Know If He Truly Loves You

5 Ways to Know If He Truly Loves You

Is he just attracted or has he fallen in love with you? You might have faced this confusion at least once in your life time. In today’s tech savvy world, where love and breakups happen online, it is no wonder even if you are a bit confused. But are there ways to find out if he is truly in love? The answer is yes. Check out 5 ways to know if he is really into you.

1. He is all smiles when with you

One simple way of finding if the guy really loves you is to observe if he is happy when you are around. Does he tell you everything about him? Does he blush when you are with him? Does he take up activities along with you that you are interested in? If the answers are affirmative, then it’s easy to understand that he is falling for you. A guy, who loves a girl, will just find reasons to spend more time with her.

2. He gets excited when he sees you

When we get excited, our pupils dilate and that is beyond our control. So, look into your guy’s eyes and see if your presence or anything related to you makes him enthusiastic. If he has a strong feeling for you or if he is turned on by you, you can notice that in his eyes. You can also catch him if he makes eye contact with you quite often and quite secretly. So, next time don’t miss on it!

3. He has introduced you to his social circle

If the guy does not hesitate to introduce you to his family members, immediate friends and social circle, it can mean that he genuinely loves you. If he is not serious about you, he will not want you to mingle with his close ones. Also, if you meet up with his buddies and before you say something, they say things like, “ We have heard a lot about you”, “ We were just waiting to meet you” and the likes, it is clear that he speaks a lot about you to them. So, stop blushing and be happy!

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