5 Ways to Know If He is Only Looking for Some Fun

Ways to Know If He is Only Looking for Some Fun

There is no harm in having a “no-strings attached” relationship. However, it works well only if both the parties know that they are just looking for some fun. The problem arises when you two do not have the same expectations from the relationship. To save you from heartbreak, we give you some ways to figure out if the guy is only in it to have some fun.

1. He barely shares anything about his personal life

If you notice that he changes the subject every time you ask him about his personal life, then it is a red flag. This is an indication that he only wants a physical relationship with you and not an emotional one. This is his way of letting you know that he is only looking for some fun and nothing more.

2. He seems distracted when you talk to him

When a guy only wants to have fun with you, then he will not seem too keen on listening to you about your personal life or problems. You will notice that he doesn’t really seem to care about what is truly going on in your life. If he does not seem to give you complete attention when you are pouring your heart out to him, then it is a clear sign that he is only looking for some fun.

3. He avoids introducing you to his friends

If a guy is not looking for a serious relationship, then he will not make the effort to introduce you to his inner circle of friends. If you find him avoiding taking you along for a hang out with his friends, then it could indicate that he is only looking to have some fun with you and nothing more.

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