5 Ways to Keep Your Independent Identity After Marriage

Ways to Keep Your Independent Identity After Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful union of two souls, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your identity. Losing yourself in a marriage can actually create more problems. It can even lead to depression and extreme reactions. Maintaining your own identity after marriage can help you in many ways. Check out 5 ways you can do it.

1. Decide whether you wish to change your maiden name

While most women like to take their husband’s name after marriage, there are many others who wish to retain their maiden name, as it gives them a sense of identity. Actually this should not make a difference – whether you take your husband’s name or retain your maiden name, it is more important to maintain your identity for yourself.

2. Be financially independent

Once you get married, combining your resources to create a new family is a good decision. But if you have been a working, independent woman who has always looked after your needs before marriage, then there is no harm in maintaining the same status quo. Keeping your financial independence is very crucial because you never know what the future holds.

3. Focus on yourself

Once you get married, you will always be known as ‘wife of’ or ‘mother of’ someone. But you also have an individual identity. So remain true to it. Never give up everything or sacrifice all for your man and family. It may sound selfish initially but in the long run, if your efforts are not appreciated, you will end up being resentful and bitter. Only a happy woman can make a happy wife and mother.

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