7 Ways to Keep Your Anger Under Control

Ways to Keep Your Anger Under Control

Anger is an emotion which is probably healthy and important in today’s times but dealing with it positively is of utmost importance. Otherwise, anger could take a toll on your health and well-being. It could also affect your relationships, your work and your interpersonal communication skills as well. Therefore, you should know how to keep your temper in check and not let it trigger a hike in your blood pressure. There is always an option to not retaliate angrily and instead resolve issues more congenially. Listed below are 7 ways to keep your anger under control.

1. Calm down

The first thing that you should do whenever you feel angry is calm down. It is in the spur of the moment that people do things which they later regret, sometimes throughout their lives. Do not act on impulse because when you are angry, you do not think straight. You may say or do something which you know is wrong but under the mood and temper, you anyway do it to come across as strong. So, instead of giving in to your emotions, take a deep breath and take time to calm down first.

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2. Get busy

One thing you could do to take your mind off the issue at hand is to get busy with other things. Of course, when you get angry, you tend to think that you must deal with it immediately and prove to the world that you are not weak or feeble. But acting out of anger is the greatest weakness of all. Instead of taking any drastic step while angry, involve yourself in something else, something more productive and something that would occupy your mind and body to their fullest.

3. Think before speaking

When you are angry, you may end up saying things you should not say. You may just say things to hurt the other party and you may not even mean what you are saying. Thus, you end up making things bitter between you and the other person, which is probably not necessary, and can be avoided. So, think twice before saying anything when angry. In fact, this is the reason why you should walk away at this point in order to avoid saying something hateful out of anger which you may regret later.

4. Look for resolutions

The one thing we do not do when angry is look for possible resolutions. Any cause for anger is essentially a problem or an issue which may have suddenly cropped up or may have been lingering for quite some time but has just been pushed off the edge. The one thing you should do at such a point is to find solutions to the problem and to look for ways to deal with the cause of anger rather than fighting and abusing, because the latter does not bear any fruit whatsoever.

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