8 Ways to Judge a Guy

Ways to Judge a Guy

When it comes to potential partners, every woman has an uncanny sense of judgment. She just won’t take any sort of chances with a man who even distantly seems callous and naive. So, if you have been feeling an unease in your heart about a man you seem to like, just keep in mind these tips which will help you gage his true worth. Find out if he is actually ‘so sweet’ or is he just playing to the gallery.

1. Is he a gentleman?

‘Manners maketh a man’. Every woman looks out for such a gentleman. Perfect manners, admirable gait and humility are the qualities that a woman loves to have in a man. If his first impression screams vanity, chauvinism and conceitedness, then it’s a big no-no for you.

2. Is he a good listener?

It’s a known fact that women love to talk. Does your partner lend his ears? If so, then you are the lucky one. But, if he seems too obsessed with himself, his achievements, his adventures and his life, then just keep him at arm’s length.

3. Is he embittered by past relationships?

Do his conversations with you center around his exes? It’s a clear sign that he has not yet moved on. He seems to carry around his emotional baggage. This will be a big obstacle in your future relationship.

4. Does he stink sex?

If your potential partner seems way too eager to jump into bed with you, then you need to rethink! Love is the last thing on his mind, ladies! His amorous behavior and covert sexual references, every now and then, should surely sound a warning bell.

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