6 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

6 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Ever wondered why some people seem to hog but never put on an extra kilo, while you exercise on that treadmill and ditch the takeaway food, but still pile on the pounds? The fact is that some people are blessed with a better metabolism than you. Metabolism is simply the energy your body burns out of the food you eat to power the kidney, liver, heart and all other major organs. It is understood in terms of units known Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. The higher your BMR, the slimmer you tend to be. One way is having good genes. But do not despair. We give you seven ways to increase your metabolism.

1. Build some muscles to have a good BMR

Everyone knows working out is a good way to burn the fat. But in stead of obsessing over losing weight, if you just concentrate on building muscles, your metabolism will increase. An addition of just 5-10 pounds of body muscles mass, ups the metabolism by 100%!

2. Drink cold water to increase metabolism

This is one of the easiest but less known fact about metabolism. If you drink chilled water, your body has to do extra burning up. So your metabolism will naturally increase.

3. Sleep well to have a good metabolism

While everyone these days has a busy life, they tend to neglect their own health. The consequences are many, one of them is a slowed down metabolism. So sleep well, to allow your body to function normally to its optimum level. This also means you are giving your body enough rest to have a better metabolism.

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