5 Ways to Increase Attention Span in Toddlers

Ways to Increase Attention Span in Toddlers

Capturing the attention of toddlers is very difficult as their attention span is very short. They are more interested in doing things their way rather than listening to what adults have to say. But toddlers can be trained and we can increase their attention span. Check out 5 ways to increase the attention duration of your tiny tot.

1. Give attention to get attention

The reason why we endeavor to increase attention span in toddlers is because as they enter school, they are expected to do some repetitive and structured tasks like writing names and numbers. Repetitive tasks is something that toddlers detest but once we pay more attention to them and put in a bit of creativity about teaching repetitive tasks, then we are likely to increase their attention span.

2. Minimize distraction

Toddlers are easily distracted and so we need to minimize the distractions. Siblings who distract each other can be asked to study in separate rooms. Sleeping well and resting are equally important for toddlers. Making sure they are not hungry or tired when doing their tasks is a good idea too. Children also stop paying attention if the tasks are very difficult. So, you need start with easy tasks and make a slow and steady progress to the more difficult ones.

3. Make the task fun and enjoyable

Children are likely to pay more attention if the activities and tasks are more fun and enjoyable. You should learn to create small games and visual activities around the tasks toddlers are expected to do, so that there is a natural increase in their attention span. Spending quality time with the child will increase their confidence and their attention span.

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