5 Ways to Help Your Child to Handle Bullies in School

5 Ways to Help Your Child to Handle Bullies in School

If your child is in school, he or she is likely to have faced a bully at some point or the other. If that is negatively impacting your child’s academic and emotional progress, here are a ways in which you can help your child to handle bullies in school.

1. Help your child learn how to ignore bullies

Bullies tend to feed on weaker kids who give knee jerk reactions and become angry or scared easily. If your child is getting bullied, teach him or her how to ignore bullies so that the bully will have nothing to feed on. This way, he will eventually move on to harass other kids who may get scared and affected easily.

2. Help your child build a facade

A large part of dealing with bullies is acting smart. Even if your child is not naturally outgoing or outspoken, you will have to teach or him or her to build such an image. Most of the time, the only thing a bully needs is a strong comeback from the opponent who shows a don’t-mess-with-me attitude. Teach your child how putting up an act for five seconds in front of a bully will save so much harassment later.

3. Intervene when necessary

Bullying in different schools is of different type. Sometime, bullying can be a temporary behavior pattern from a kid in class. Other times, the bullying is so relentless that it becomes like a chronic disease for the class. Listen to your child to determine how serious the bullying is. If you think it is already out of proportion, help your child by intervening and talking to his or her teacher.

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