5 Ways to Handle Sexist Remarks

5 Ways to Handle Sexist Remarks

It’s very common for a woman to face sexist remarks in various situations in life. Sometimes these remarks come from colleagues at work, while at other times they can also come in from friends and family. In a few situations, these remarks or comments also come in randomly from strangers. Obviously, nobody likes listening to them, and we all feel angry when someone makes such statements. However, losing one’s calm is not the solution to the problem. And at the same time, staying quiet and weak is not the right approach either. So here are some ways in which you can handle sexist remarks smartly.

1. Ignore and wait

If it has happened only once till now, ignore, and try to forget about it. Maybe, the other person wasn’t being sexist, and you mistook it. But if you are sure that it wasn’t a mistake, then just wait to see if it happens again. Wait and gage, why and how frequently are these remarks coming to you. If it’s really minimal, then there is no point freaking out over it, lest you spoil your image.

2. Use word play

So if someone calls you ‘Honey’, ‘Sweetheart’ or ‘Babe’ too often at work, and you are not really enjoying it, make sure that you start referring to him more formally. For instance, when someone repeatedly comes and says, ‘Honey, is that done?’, or ‘Sweetheart, can you check this list again?’, make sure you reply with, ‘Of course, SIR’, or ‘Sure, MR. COLLINS!’. Stressing on their name or designation would make the point clear that you want the same treatment or behavior from them.

3. Make a comeback

Wait for a situation where the person who made a remark on you is in a weak state. Then make your comeback with either great work, or by repeating what he had said to you earlier and then clarifying how he was wrong. For instance, when someone at works says, “You’re that pretty topping on the cake that nobody really needs, and is of no use, but we keep you still for appeal and attraction” . Reply to that sometime later when you’ve cracked a big deal, or have received a promotion by saying, ‘The topping on the cake is what makes it sell in the first place and attracts more business. Still think you can do without it?”

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