5 Ways to Handle a Teen With Suicidal Thoughts

5 Ways to Handle a Teen With Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide is a leading cause of death in teens. This is a very scary situation and needs to be dealt with carefully. The life of a teenager as well as their minds are very vulnerable. They learn and unlearn things quite fast. They are into their own world where they decide things themselves. They need correct guidance and advice in this phase. When they are not able to deal with their complications, they decide to end their lives. All they need is someone who can dissuade them from committing suicide. Here are 5 ways to handle a teen with suicidal thoughts.

1. Communicate with them

As an older person, you should always keep good amount of communication open with the teen and connect with them. You cannot just suddenly decide to connect with them and expect them to open up. You need to have a habit of communicating with them from the very beginning. This would help you know about their lives better and they will feel free to share things. Only when you are aware about their suicidal thoughts can you do anything about it.

2. Show support and trust

Always try to use positive words, have positive discussions and try to boost their confidence. Show them that they always have your support and you trust them completely. Gain their trust by all means so that they never feel lonely and left out. They should know they have people around and they shouldn’t take any wrong step.

3. Don’t stop trying

If the teenager is showing signs of being suicidal and depressed, you need to act on it immediately. Be aware of things happening around in lives of teenagers in general and don’t panic in such a situation. They may just refuse to talk or discuss things with you. Keep trying.

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