9 Ways To Find Out If Your Relationship is Going Nowhere

Ways To Find Out If Your Relationship is Going Nowhere

Roadblocks in any relationship are normal. It helps both the parties understand their love for each other is stronger regardless of problems. But, sometimes, this may not be the case. Here are some ways to find out if your relationship is going nowhere.

1. You no longer care

Every successful relationship is built on unconditional love for the partner. Every little thing you do in and for the relationship is for the other person. However, if there comes a time, when you no longer care for the other and whatever he does is of no consequence to you or vice versa, it perhaps indicates a dead end in the relationship.

2. You feel you are being used

It is important to accommodate, to give into the needs and desires of your partner but it must be a two way bridge. When you definitely feel you are being used and taken advantage of, it is a definite red flag that your relationship is not going to take the two of you anywhere for the betterment.

3. You can’t stand the sight or sound of the other person

Have you started feeling, it is difficult to stand the sight of your partner? If you want to escape every time your partner is around, there is little hope your relationship is going to be fruitful.

4. His or your thoughts are about someone else

There is no point living a lie. You are neither helping yourself nor the other. Hence, when either partner fantasizes or strongly desires to live with someone else, this existing relationship has little hope unless both of you make conscious efforts to stay committed and happy.

5. Nothing is done to make a bad situation good

It is common to hit red flags in a relationship. But the two of you can lead a peaceful and happy life together only when there is a need and want to make good a red flag. When no efforts are taken to make things better between the two of you, you have probably reached the end of that relationship.

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