6 Ways to Express Love Through Words

6 Ways to Express Love Through Words

Words are the most powerful tools that have helped people to bring revolutions and reforms. A lot of people around the world have used the power of the pen to write the blue prints of inventions, manuscripts and teachings. Words don’t just help the scientists, poets, writers and the common man to express what they feel and think, but also help lovers to express the deepest of feelings. So, if you are one of those lovers who can’t or don’t want to speak out your feelings, then this is the right page for you. Check out the following ideas on how to express love in written words.

1. Write a love letter

21st century is all about e-mails and telephonic calls, but a love letter can be more romantic than anything else. Try and write your feelings on a piece of paper and hand this letter to him whenever you meet him or you can also mail it to him by post.

2. Get a custom-made chain that has a love message

There are a lot of online jewelry stores that customize jewelry. You can pick a manly chain and locket. Don’t forget to get it personalized with your love message. You can get a romantic quote or your feelings written on the chain or on the back of the locket. You can simply write, “I love you” or “Be mine forever.” Don’t forget to check out some bracelets that can be custom made.

3. Use some sea shells and a note to express your love

Take an empty but clear wine bottle. Now, go to a beach and collect some distinctive sea shells. See if you can find some sea shells having his favorite color or a lighter tome of it. Afterwards, you can put all the collected sea shells in the bottle along with a note. Write a love quote or message in the note, pack the bottle in a gift wrap and gift it to him.

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