7 Ways to End Sibling Rivalry in Your Home

Ways to End Sibling Rivalry in Your Home

Sibling rivalry is not something new. It is commonplace in families which have siblings with too less age difference. The main cause of sibling rivalry is jealousy. Sometimes not getting enough attention from parents can be a cause of sibling rivalry. Sibling rivalry in teens can go to another level because of need for an identity. But, there are ways to end this on a very positive note. Read ahead to check out some ways to end sibling rivalry in your home.

1. Do not compare your children

Sibling rivalry starts with direct comparison. Do not compare your children on their achievements. Treat both the children equal. It does not matter if one child is smarter than the other. What matters is the way you look at them. If both are treated in a similar way, there would not any issue related to parental attention.

2. Spend more time with your child

One child may often feel jealous of the other’s achievement. Your role as a parent is to remain calm in the situation. Spend maximum time with the child who feels jealous. By spending some quality time with that child, you will be able to know his/her inner thought process. Once you know the reason, it will get easier to get rid of that problem.

3. Discuss it openly

If you notice that sibling rivalry is a routine thing at your place, then you need to call for a discussion. Hold a family meeting to discuss the matter. Ask your child about the problem he/she has with other one. When they will speak their heart in front of you, it will be easy to solve the issue between the two.

4. Develop common interests

If you get a super toy for your one child, then naturally the other one will feel jealous. Do not do that; simply keep things fair. Develop common interests and things between the two. If possible, get similar things for the two of them. This may prevent sibling rivalry to an extent.

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