5 Ways to Empower Your Girl Child

5 Ways to Empower Your Girl Child

Bringing up a kid can be the most difficult thing you will ever have to do in your life. There are no manuals that come with each baby that tells you how they should be brought up. There is also no easy way and you learn by mistakes on how to bring up a kid. No matter which art of the world we live in, the society has still not accepted the fact that a girl child and a boy child are equals and that they should be brought up alike. Things are bad in a lot of countries where the girl child is looked down on. Although it is not bad at all here, there are still ways in which we need to raise a girl differently so she will be empowered. Here are some ways to empower your girl child.

1. Bring her up with positive role models

Decide on positive role models in her life. It can be you, your mother, a relative or a celebrity. Having a positive role model who has achieved something in life would be a great influence on your child as she is growing up and this will go a long way in empowering her.

2. Drill into her from an early age that it is what she thinks about her that matters

Bring up your kid in such a way that it is important that she have a good self-esteem and it is important how she looks at herself. Every kid can be susceptible to peer pressure and can change a lot depending on the environment and friends. Real empowerment comes from within and it is this strong persona that she has to cultivate from early on and you alone can help her do that.

3. Teach your kid to never give much importance to physical looks

There are a lot of bad influences and celebrity styles that glorify nudity and physicality and pass it off as empowerment. Sexual empowerment is alone not empowerment. To be really empowered one need a strong dose of self-importance. Instead of conforming to the norms and aping someone else, you child needs to know what is best for her.

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