5 Ways to Determine If You are Marriage Material

Ways to Determine If You are Marriage Material

Marriage is like bungee jumping. It’s for you to decide if you’re the kind who turns into a nervous wreck at the final moment and backs off or chooses to take the plunge into the unknown. Here are 5 ways to determine if you are marriage material.

1. You are easily accommodating

If you happily change your plans to accommodate your boyfriend’s or any other person’s needs, then you may be marriage material. Compromises are a big part of any marriage and overlooking your interests for fulfillment of his needs is definitely a characteristic of someone who’s a marriage material.

2. You’re good with the ladle, the kids and the pets

Not trying to be sexist here, but if you’re someone who likes spending time in the kitchen and enjoys stirring up new dishes, or loves gardening, being around pets and kids, then you must be marriage material.

3. You aren’t a career crazy woman

It’s not as if women can’t handle both marriage and a job at the same time. In fact there are many who juggle the two things perfectly; you don’t have to choose one between the two. Yet, having said that, it’s true that women who are overly ambitious and career oriented, feel a little hesitant to divide their time and attention. So if you are someone who would be perfectly happy to leave her job just so that she could give extra care and attention to the family, then consider yourself marriage material.

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