4 Ways to Decide How much IPad Time is Right for Your Kids

Ways to Decide How much IPad Time is Right for Your Kids

Ipads are so common these days that soon they run the chance of becoming ubiquitous. People of all ages use an ipad these days. It is easy to carry around, has an interface that does not require too much skill or ability to master and its size and features make it a hit with all age groups. Now that online tutorials and education have become popular and most schools encourage kids to use an ipa, the question arises in many households if it is right to give an ipad to kids and if given, how much time they must be allowed on it. It is very difficult to decide as taking it away from them or forbidding them to use it will only make their resolve stronger and if they choose to listen to you they might run behind with classmates with ipads. Depending on what they need to do and learn, you can come up with ways to decide how much time is right for them to have their ipads.

1. Talk to them and find out what they use it for

If they use it predominantly for study, let them use for a few hours after they get back from school. If they have to do their schoolwork on the ipad, give them a free hand, but check in constantly to see that they are wasting their time trying to install other apps and games. If you know how much time they’d need to finish an assignment give them some extra time like an hour or so, so they can relax.

2. They can play too, only monitor the time spent

If they wish to play on an ipad, do not stop them. They will find ways to do it themselves. Give them a designated time to play with the ipad and make strict rules and timings. Take it away from them as soon as the time is over or encourage them to hand over their ipads as soon as the time is over. Loosen the reins a little so they would be responsible for time sent or wasted on the ipad.

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