5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home

In the rush to make your Valentine’s Day special, you need not shortlist exotic places and waste your money. Be a little creative and spend the day of love at your home. After all, more than the cherries and flowers, it’s all about spending quality time with your beloved. Here are 5 ways to celebrate the special day at home.

1. Spend time in bed

If Valentine’s Day happens to be on a weekday, take an off from work. Hey, come on, you need to celebrate the feeling of love and take time for it at least this day. Spend half the day in bed. You need not sleep during that time. Talk, watch movies, eat or just do whatever you fancy! Nothing can be more romantic than cuddling with your partner and watching some new releases or classic love stories. This is your time with your partner, so avoid distractions such as talking on your mobile, surfing the net and other activities as much as possible. Rent the DVDs beforehand and enjoy your time over mugs of coffee and bowls of your favorite snacks.

2. Have a sensual bath

You have the entire day to yourself. Indulge in a long, luxurious bath with your partner. Decorate the bath with rose petals and candles. Create a soothing and romantic ambiance with soft romantic numbers and enjoy your moments with your significant other.

3. Cook something exotic

Search the internet for some yummy recipe and make it together. Divide the responsibilities and go step-by-step together. Nothing better than doing things side by side, and then enjoying the meal over roses, champagne and candle light!

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