5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Right Spirit

5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Right Spirit

While any celebration is mostly about having fun, we must make sure that this fun is not just limited to ourselves. Spreading a smile is more important that smiling alone. There are two ways to celebrate a festival – the right way, and the not-so-right way. The reason we cannot term it as wrong is because at the end of the day “to each his own”. But celebrating in the right spirit is what being human is all about. So, here are 5 ways to spend your Thanksgiving in the right spirit.

1. Ensure no one sleeps hungry

While you may be indoors, enjoying your mashed potato and turkey with your family, having all the possible fun, there may be someone at the end of your street who neither has a family, nor has even enough to fill his stomach. While obviously it isn’t possible for you to take care of the world, but this Thanksgiving, make sure that no one sleeps hungry in your neighborhood. Have a little extra for them, and if even one person from every block does this, no one will be hungry this Thanksgiving.

2. Forgive and forget

If you have had clashes with some old friend, coworker, family member or an acquaintance, this is the time to sort them all out. Silence only increases the distance. If someone was once your friend, definitely there was something good about them. No one becomes smaller by apologizing first. Call up those people or invite them to your house. Speak your heart out and solve all the misunderstandings.

3. Be thankful to life

While you may or may not agree that life has given you so much, this is the time to be truly thankful for all that you have. Do not be upset about things you don’t have; be happy about things you do. There is a quote which says, “I cried because I had no shoes, till I met the man who had no feet.” Live up to the spirit of the festival, don’t forget to smile, and definitely don’t hesitate to spread a smile.

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