10 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

10 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

4th of July is celebrated in many ways. People come up with unique ideas all the time while the traditional ways still are quite popular amongst the folks. Here are some ways to celebrate the big day.

1. Attend the Independence Day parade

This is a parade most traditional Americans will never miss. The parade is held almost in every state, in every big city. Marching bands are a characteristic feature of the parade. Every big city has its precise location where the parade starts. Washington DC has to be one of the best places to be, with military and specialty units, VIPs and patriotic floats kicking off the parade exactly at 11:45 am on Constitution Avenue and 7th Street NW.

2. Celebrate with the kids

Celebrating the Independence Day with kids is one of the best ways to enjoy the day. They Creating a flag craft, watching old movies or even indulging in a patriotic bike parade around the neighborhood are some of the ways in which you can celebrate the day.

3. Bake some cookies

One of the best ways of celebrating the American Independence Day is by spending a day in your kitchen, baking wonderful things. It could be fun for the kids too and an exercise in general knowledge. You can try making the state cookies too, an excellent lesson in geography for the kids. It could be fun decorating them with flags and colors as well.

4. Celebrate with fireworks

What is Independence Day without a little celebration with fireworks. It is an age-old tradition which is still being followed with great zest and vigor. You can let your kids enjoy a day off watching fireworks in your city, or setting a few off yourself into the skyline.

5. Enjoy music

This is the day when the fireworks in the skyline will be beautifully complemented by patriotic scores and musical extravaganzas. Enjoy chilling out, listening to the patriotic tunes overwhelming you, filling you up. There are navy bands which perform a series of free concerts in Washington. You can check out for similar updates in your city or state as well. Orchestras and symphonies are commonplace on this day, providing an awesome treat to anyone who loves music.

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